Pole Uggs

Just a quickie post on these, have you seen them? They launched at the International Pole Championships in Singapore on the 30th of November. Australia can get cold in the winter but we still want to pole – these could be the answer! What they say:

Keep warm, and pole in style this winter with these specialised Ugg boots only available through Pole Ugg! 100% Made & Owned in Australia.  You can actually wear these on the pole, they are supremely fitted with high quality patent leather to help you grip!

These are more fitted than regular Uggs and the outside is covered in patent leather to provide grip on the pole. Here are some images of the amazing Maddie Sparkle working the pole in her Pole Uggs:

Pole Ugg Maddie Sparkle backbend Pole Ugg Maddie Sparkle

Pole Ugg Maddie Sparkle splits

She has also recently uploaded a video of her poling in them. Check it out!

These will also make me as amazing as Maddie won’t they? Yep, I think I need them. Although it’s summer in Australia now so I’ll wait. Rest easy credit card, rest easy.

They’re available now, to shop them, click here.

Have you tried Pole Uggs? Would you? I’d love to know your thoughts! Let me know in the comments 🙂

Thanks for reading,

J xx

All images from Pole Ugg’s Facebook page.


Hi, I’m Jeanie, and I’m a shop-a-holic.

Always have been and always will be. Before I started pole, this applied to clothes, shoes, bags, Jewellery, you name it, I loved buying it.

Now that I’m obsessed with pole, I’m obsessed with buying cute pole clothes.

Here are my favourite polewear brands:

Mika Yoga Wear

My all time favourite polewear. Comfy to wear, super cute, flattering and just the right ratio of ‘crotch coverage’ and showing (bum) cheek. They were initially designed just for yoga hence the name and have recently focused on some pole- specific ranges but everything can be worn for pole really. My favorites are the Lynn top and Meeko bottoms.
At the moment they are having a Cyber Monday sale where you can get an extra 15% off sale items. The code is CYBER13. Shipping to Australia varies but is around $20 depending on how much you buy.

Lynn Top Mika Yoga Wear

Lynn top

Meeko short Mika Yoga Wear

Meeko bottoms

All images from mikayogawear.com

Bad Kitty

Pole-specific clothing. Comfy, flattering, super cute and perfect ratio of crotch coverage. Their best piece in my opinion are their Pole Fit Brazil Shorts. I also own their Criss Cross Brazil Dance Shorts and the Pole Fit Spider Back Top. Again, if you’re in Australia, get some friends to share shipping because it can get quite pricey.

Bad Kitty Pole Fit Spider Back top

Pole Fit Spider Back Top

Bad Kitty Pole Fit Brazil shorts

Pole Fit Brazil Shorts

Bad Kitty Pole Fit Criss Cross Brazil shorts both

Criss Cross Brazil Dance Shorts

All images from badkitty.com

Dirdy Birdy

Dirdy Birdy (Anh Le) started her pole career on YouTube, it wasn’t long until people became obsessed with her long legs, flexibility, strength (and cute cats!) that she became a bit of a polebrity (pole celebrity). She started her own line of pole wear in 2011 and it’s perfect for pole. There are a few items in the range that don’t have enough crotch coverage but just make sure you wear underwear and you’ll be alright. Below are my favourites:

Dirdy Birdy pole wear

Clockwise from top left: Meow Top, Crank Top, Fly Top, Mini Scrunch Shorts

All images from dirdybirdy.com.au


When I was first starting out at pole I didn’t know about any of these brands and some didn’t even exist yet! So I had to hunt for skimpy clothing locally. Luckily I found Rio shorties and they’re perfect for pole! Short enough so you can grip the pole with your legs but still have good crotch coverage and made your bum look cute too. These are also super cheap, I bought mine from Big W and have them in about 6 different colors now.

Rio Shortie

Images from riounderwear.com.au


What’s a polewear post without the heels? I LOVE Pleaser shoes, they were my first ever pole heels and I now have 3 pairs. They are so comfortable and mold to your feet, they’re just perfect. The Adores were my first pair and the Spiky are my most recent ones, I love them and want more!

Pleaser Adore

Adore Heels

Pleaser SPIKY

Spiky Heels

Images from pleaserusa.com

Glitter Heels

I also love Glitter Heels by Tiffany. She uses Ellie heels which are similar in fit and quality to the Pleasers and decks them out in glitter. The result is amazing. If you’re not in the USA be sure to get some friends together to share shipping as it can get quite expensive! I currently own the 7 inch Laker Girls (pictured).

Glitter Heels Laker Girl

Image from glitterheels.com

Here are some brands that I don’t actually own anything from yet (crazy I know!) but I definitely will in the future once I pay off my credit card!

Rarr Designs

An Aussie brand, they formed a couple of years ago and the pole community went crazy for them! They have lots of cute designs but I’m yet to try them. Lots of my friends have them and love them!

Rarr Designs

Rarr Designs are renowned for their “Do you even pole?” and “She poles bro!” slogans.

Image from rarrdesigns.com.au

Rad Polewear

This is a Greek pole wear brand, they have cool ambassadors like Marion Crampe and she’s even designed her own shorts! I worked out if I was to buy one pair of booty shorts, including shipping this will set me back $70 in total! It’s totally worth it but I can’t afford at the moment. Perhaps after my holiday I’ll spoil myself. I especially want Marion’s booty shorts.. They’ll make flexy right?

Rad Pole Wear Marion Shorts front-horz

My dream shorts that will make me as flexible as Marion! (And give me her booty!)

Rad Pole Wear Diamond Top

Love their Diamond Top!

Rad Pole Wear Cage Top

I think the Rad Cage Top is discontinued but I hope they bring it back because I really want it!

Images from radpolewear.com & their Facebook page

So they’re just a few of my favourite brands, there are so many more that I discover every day and wish I had an unlimited credit card so that I could buy them all!

What are your favourite brands to work out in? (Doesn’t have to be pole wear!)

Thanks for reading,

J xx