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Australian Fitness Expo

Hi everyone! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! I sure did! I have a lot of drafts for some posts that are in the works but just wanted to write about this while it’s still fresh in my mind and I’m also still on such a high from it!

The Australian Fitness Expo was held this weekend in Melbourne, usually it’s held in Sydney but the convention centre is under a huge revamp which will take about 3 years so for the next 3 years, we Melbournians are lucky to have it right here!

If you are in the industry or simply a fitness enthusiast, then you must make sure you go next year, I’ve never been to an expo like it, there was so much going on everywhere.

Now first, of course I need to talk about my haul. Here it is:

Australian Fitness Expo haul

My favourite purchase is the Promaker crop top and I already wore it to pole yesterday. It’s so comfy and I’m actually regretting that I didn’t buy more! Luckily they have an online store so I’m going to do a haul when I can afford more! I also can’t wait to use the new GoStaks, I bought one for the boy as well and he already loves it. Blender Bottles are just extras, I already own a few and they are the best for the gym and pole. I need a lot of water during work outs so the size is perfect.

I’m excited to try out the Brasilfit crop top too as I’ve heard a lot about them and their clothes feel like they really are made of the highest quality material! (Yes I was touching them while they were on the racks and trying not to look creepy!)  I feel another haul coming on.. but first I will try it out and post a review for you.

And the rest were freebies and samples – every exhibitor was giving out so much free stuff, most I’ll be giving to the boy as I can’t have pre-workout supplements if they contain caffeine (very annoying!) but at least it’ll keep him happy.

Just a few of the other things happening at the expo as there was so much going on, I wish I could have covered everything!

Australian Fitness Expo collage1

First thing’s first, there was so much to try and buy!

Luv Sum

Produce healthier alternatives to naughty snacks that you might reach for when you’re craving something. They are delicious and nutritious and I love the cute retro designs and quirky names. My favourites are Energy, Protein & Wholefoods Snack Balls in Super Berry Nut Crunch Naked Protein Shot and Chocolate, Chia & Nut Naked Energy Shot.

Superior Supplements

I bought my Blender Bottles and GoStaks from the Superior Supplements stand, the staff are always so friendly and helpful! The GoStaks are a smart and sleek advancement in portable nutrition and are made up of interlocking jars that secure tightly so that you can carry your powders, vitamins, supplements, snacks and more, wherever you go! It even has a cute little handle that you can twist on and off!

Dymatize Stand Australian Fitness Expo 2014

Your friendly Superior Supplements staff!


There were so many exhibitors giving out free samples which is such a great idea because you can try before you buy! I love Acai berries, I’ve tried the capsules before. Freeze dried Acai berrier contain 42 times more antioxidants than fresh blueberries and 50 essential nutrients unique to Amazonian soil. All products contain completely natural wholefoods and and are raw and vegan.

Hydralyte Sport

I’ve never tried the sports one before but after an intense work out I get extremely dehydrated and water doesn’t do anything for me, so that’s what this is perfect for. If I don’t have any electrolytes I get a headache straight after the work out and it lasts all day no matter how much water I drink. I will try it out after my first PT session in one week – I’m so nervous but also really excited to finally be doing something that’s going to change the shape of my body. I also got to try one the Hydralyte Sports icy poles!

Kapai Puku – The Seed of Life

Combined with a balanced diet, Kapai Puku will help ensure vitamins and minerals are available to revitalise our bodies. Seeds and grains are what our ancestors ate for generations when obesity and diabetes almost didn’t exist. I think I tried the Original Blend and they were serving it with Coyo – if you are a coconut fan you must try it, it’s delicious! I love this mix and might even check out their online store later..


Inspired by the connection between Australia and Brazil, like tropical forests, beach-side cities and the baking sun, Brasilfit draws on their fashion, motivation and technology from their bases in Sydney and Rio de Janeiro to bring us active wear to suit every moment of our life. I only bought one crop top so far but I received a voucher for their online store so will definitely have a browse when I’m all cashed up again!

Australian Fitness Expo collage2

Other things to do and see included TRX and acro yoga demonstrations that you could actually join in, Australian Powerlifting Championships and the 2014 Victorian Jiu Jitsu Championships, boxing and there was a rope climbing challenge being held at the Musashi stand.

There were a few Championships being held at the event and one of them which we got to see was the Miss Fitness 30+ and Pole Divas’ very own Hollie Sheehan took out the national title! Pretty good for her first competition, huh?

Australian Fitness Expo collage Miss Fitness 30+ winner Hollie Sheehan

Apologies for the blurry images as my camera on phone isn’t great! But.. look at that rig!

And of course, I saved the best for last.. the pole dancing! X-Pole was there demonstrating lyra and they also had the powder coated X-Stage on display. It felt so grippy! But we were talking to Sian (of the awesome doubles pair, Sian & Indy) and she was saying how it’s great for the hands but not so much for the legs, it’s so grippy that sometimes it feels like your skin is getting ripped off.. each to their own. But it comes in a whole bunch of colours so it makes it look more interesting too. They also had the other finishes to show like a Chinese  pole and that’s even more grippy than the pwoder coated one. I also met Jessie Dee, the director of X-Pole Australia, she was so nice and telling us about the expo in previous years and how the Sydney event compared to the Melbourne event. Pretty sure she has the best job! I just love the entire pole community and their passion for what they do.

There was also a pole demo at one of the other exhibition areas.

Australian Fitness Expo collage X Pole pole dancing

Other exhibitors that I visited:

CrankIt Fitness  – similar to TRX
Vital Greens – I’ve heard so much about them but never actually tried (I heard they taste gross!) but the one we tried was mixed with water and a bit of apple juice – it tasted fine! Not delicious but I could handle having some everyday, it contains a balanced blend of nutrient dense greens, vegetables, fruits, herbs, vitamins and minerals, powerful antioxidants, pre and probiotics, fibre and an alkalising pea protein (yay for pea’s getting a good rep!). We also tried the coffee flavoured one with rice milk and it was delicious! Looks like I’m heading to their website soon as well.
Australian Avocados – I’m sure I don’t need to rehash the benefits of avocados!
The Healthy Chef -Teresa Cutter’s brand. She was selling her cookbook and some of her superfood blends. They tasted pretty good.
Piloxing – mixture of Pilates and Boxing, this is still very new to Australia and sounds like something I’d love to try!
Flush Fitness – supplement distributor
Lorna Jane – they had a huge store set up and were offering 20% off everything on the day – what a great deal!
Ryder Wear – really cute work out wear for both pole and gym, unfortunately they had run out of my size so another visit to their website is mandatory!
Promaker – the store where I bought my new favourite crop top from.


Michelle Bridges and The Commando were there giving inspirational talks and Teresa Cutter herself was giving a healthy cooking demo.

Phew! What a huge post! I didn’t mean for it to be so long but wanted to let you know about how great the event was! Can’t wait until next year and head to their website for more info.

Thanks for reading!

J xx


Hot Yoga.

Voguefit Hot Yoga

I mentioned in my previous post that I’ve started classes at Hot Yoga. I take classes at Yoga Flame in Moonee Ponds. They have a trial where you pay $20 for unlimited classes for 10 days – what a bargain!

So far I have been 4 times and tried three different types of yoga.

Hot Yoga

What They Say:

Our signature class! Hot Yoga increases strength and flexibility across all areas of the body while the heat allows you to detox, open and transform. The basic structure of each class remains the same; however the sequences will vary to keep your practice fresh and challenging.

34 degrees. Perfect for both beginners and the seasoned practitioner

Different from Bikram Yoga. Bikram is done in a room heated to 42 degrees Celsius and Hot Yoga is only heated to 34 degrees, the perfect temperature for stretching if I do say so myself! My first time was on a 40 degree day so I found it to be quite pleasant as it was actually cooler in the room than outside! The asanas (or yoga postures) are similar to that of Bikram Yoga but there were a few that I had never tried before. I found there were some which I was quite good at and others where I need a lot more practice. I definitely need to work more on my core and balance and I can’t wait to see improvements.

Yin Yoga

Balance is important in every aspect of life so take some time each week to slow down. This class will invite you to take a moment and enjoy long deep stretches that will release both mental and physical tension. Emerge feeling relaxed and renewed.

24 degrees. Perfect for both beginners and the seasoned practitioner

A much slower paced class and not as hot as Hot Yoga. I absolutely loved this class. Each posture was held for about five minutes and we used a lot of yoga equipment like bolsters and blocks. The idea is to really be able to relax into the pose and in time, will help increase your flexibility. I will definitely be keeping this one up! Postures such as Dragon Pose and Swan Pose (I think that’s what they were called) focus on opening up your hips which I have a lot of trouble with so I can’t wait to see if this particular yoga will help me towards my goals of splits and backbends.

Yoga Basics

Whether you are new to yoga and want a slow paced class to learn the basics or have been practicing for a while and want to refine your postures- this is the class for you! During this complete practice we will explore alignment and purpose – giving you the tools to confidently join any class on our schedule.

24 degrees. Perfect for both beginners and the seasoned practitioner

I wanted to try this class to make sure that my technique was right and to refine my postures. The instructor showed us the proper way of how to do them and also did a great job at explaining what we would benefit from each one. I thought that she would come around to everyone and check that our alignment was right but she didn’t, I think that would be my only suggestion for this class. I will definitely do this class every so often to make sure I’m on the right track and especially at the start as I still get confused with some of the poses in the other classes.

I did one more Hot Yoga class which was being run by a different instructor. She was actually quite fast paced and I was struggling more than usual. I also think that this may have something to do with the fact that it was not a 40 degree day and the room actually felt hot! Anyway, I’ve tried a few different instructor’s classes and I now know who is suitable for me at my beginner level. Hopefully after I’ve been practicing for a bit longer and I am more comfortable with my asanas I will be able to go back to her class and nail it!

My trial ended on Monday and I went a total of 4 times in 10 days. That is an achievement for me and if I go at least twice a week (I’d like to go more often but I also have pole so I’m being realistic!) then I can take advantage of the $99 for one month of unlimited classes that they have available for purchase after you have completed the 10 day trial. Head to the Yoga Flame website for more info.

Voguefit Yoga Shoulder Stretch

I decided to add yoga to my regime as a way to try and help increase my flexibility. I also enjoy the meditative side of it, especially Shavasana or ‘Corpse Pose’. Quite a morbid name but it is a pose of total relaxation and rejuvenates the body, mind and spirit. After a yoga class I literally feel like I am floating on air and nothing can bring me down!

Have you ever tried yoga before or have been practicing for a while? Are you finding improvements in your core/balance/strength/flexibility? I’d love to know so please leave me a comment below 🙂

J xx