Girl Crush: Maddie Sparkle

Maddie Sparkle Don Curry3

I haven’t done a girl crush post in a while so thought it was time to do one. I’m a bit embarrassed to do this post especially since Maddie and her sister Shimmy recently stayed at my house during All Stars! That’s right! They needed a place to stay that was near the airport as they had a 6am flight the next day, and since my place is 10 minutes from the airport, I answered their Facebook plea – and they accepted! I still can’t believe it!

Anyway, Maddie was one of my earliest pole girl crushes when I was just starting out at pole which was about 3-4 years ago now. I first discovered Maddie & Shimmy on YouTube. Their style was quite similar but there was something about Maddie that I was always drawn to.

Some older images that I have always loved, gosh I wish I had her back!

Maddie Sparkle

Maddie Sparkle Justin Tran2

I always admired how flexible she was, how hard she trained and yet how petite she would stay! Even though she’s tiny she was so strong and would bust out these tricks that needed immense strength. I always looked forward to watching her new videos with lots of flexy tricks, sparkly costumes and hair flicks. She was one of the first people whose pole videos, that erred on the side of sexy, I would actually watch and not be weirded out. When I first started pole I was very pro “it’s-pole-fitness-it’s-not-sexual-at-all” so I would never watch the “sexy” videos. Now I’m all about the sexy but more on that later.

Some more recent photos of her by the amazing Don Curry:

Maddie Sparkle Don Curry

Maddie Sparkle Don Curry4

Maddie Sparkle Don Curry2

To this day, she is still super flexible, super strong, works harder than ever and she just makes dancing look so effortless and beautiful.

Now that I’ve met her, I can also say that in real life she is a really nice person, she’s really funny and she may be tiny, but she eats a lot! And so is her sister, Shimmy!

How amazing is she in this video?

There I confessed, now tell me who your girl crushes are so that I don’t sound like a total weirdo!

Note: All images from Maddie Sparkle’s Facebook page, the photographers are Don Curry and Justin Tran.

Photo Shoot.

Don Curry is coming to Australia! Squeeee!

Who is Don Curry you ask? He’s one of my favourite pole dance photographers. Officially, he’s one of the best photographers in the business. Check out his portfolio here:

These are just a few of my favourite photos taken by him:

Don Curry Justine McLucas VoguefitModel: Justine McLucas

Don Curry Maddie Sparkle Voguefit

Model: Maddie Sparkle

Don Curry Shimmy Voguefit 4Model: Michelle Shimmy

So what does this mean for me? I’ve never done a pole photo shoot before, lots of my friends have, but I am a photo shoot virgin! So I’ve decided to dive into the deep end and just do it! He makes everyone look amazing so surely he can do the same for me? Now I know that all my favourite photos are of professionals and by no means will my photos look like theirs but I’m looking forward to seeing how my shoot will turn out.  I love looking at past photos and performance videos and seeing how far I’ve come. I’ve come a long way from my first front straddle! (Some people call this chopper).

I first decided that I was going to do the shoot about two weeks ago and have started my ‘photo shoot preparation’. Here is what it entails:


Abs are made in the kitchen! Luckily since I got back from overseas I had already made the decision to eat healthier overall yet not deprive myself. If I feel like some chocolate then I’ll have some, but I know when to stop. So far I’m doing OK, I’m actually enjoying coming up with healthier alternatives and in some instances the food actually tastes better than if I were to grab some fast food.

Having said all that, my body works in strange ways. As soon as I know I’m not supposed to have something I instantly want it. Case in point; I’m actually not a big sweets fan, I don’t eat lollies and I’m not obsessed with chocolate or cake. But now that I have consciously made the decision not to have it – all I want is chocolate! When I first started, if I ate a salad for lunch I would straight away crave chocolate. The start is the hardest part and I was tempted to give up, but after the first few humps, it does get easier. Since it’s been just over two weeks I’m starting to be able to control my cravings and after dinner if I want something sweet, I might have a few squares or chocolate or (just one!) Tim Tam since my boyfriend always seems to buy them. Everything in moderation!


As well as pole I’ve started going to the gym to add some cardio and weights to my training. I also did my first Hip Hop class last week and need to get back into yoga. Ever since my trial ended I haven’t been back.. oops! But I intend to! It’s hard when there are so many things you want to do, not just time wise but money wise also.


This is the fun part. I’m always trawling YouTube and Instagram to find some great trick ideas. I have a few favourites that I will definitely include but I like learning new tricks. Whenever I have a solo coming up I will always try to learn a few new tricks that aren’t in the syllabus to keep my performance interesting and different to everyone else’s. Also, I just love learning new things!


Another fun part! As you know, I LOVE pole wear and what better excuse to buy more? I do have some things that I could wear already (I have a whole drawer full of pole wear – that’s normal right?) but there are a few specific looks that I’d like to create for the shoot so will need to purchase additional pieces to do this. I’ve already found heaps and have started a board on Pinterest documenting my findings. If you’re not on Pinterest yet you should be, it’s amazing! But highly addictive – you’ve been warned!


This ties in with costume but I need to decide which ones will match my costume and what I’m comfortable in. Also, I only have half an hour so I’ll have to change in a flash! May need to double think those thigh-high lace up boots..

Mock up photo shoot

Some of my friends are also doing a photo shoot so we will get together at practice time and take photos of each other while we practice holding the tricks. I’ve been told to get used to holding tricks for 1-3 minutes!

That’s it so far! Don Curry is coming in March so I have just over a month to get everything organised. I’ve also just recently decided that I will do another photo shoot with my friend first so that I know what to expect somewhat when it comes to my Don Curry shoot. Her name is Simone Ellen and you can check out her work here: She has incredible shots and I love her style.

Here are some photos she took of one of my solo performances:

Voguefit back crucifix pole dancing

Voguefit handstand pole dancing

Have you ever done a photo shoot? If so I’d love to hear about your experiences and any tips that you may have. Leave me a comment below!

Just one more photo because Don Curry is so amazing, I love how simple this photo is, Shimmy just looks like the coolest kid on the block.

Don Curry Shimmy Voguefit

How amazing is she? I have a total girl crush on her and her sister, Maddie.

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll keep you posted on how I’m going!

J xx


Pole Uggs

Just a quickie post on these, have you seen them? They launched at the International Pole Championships in Singapore on the 30th of November. Australia can get cold in the winter but we still want to pole – these could be the answer! What they say:

Keep warm, and pole in style this winter with these specialised Ugg boots only available through Pole Ugg! 100% Made & Owned in Australia.  You can actually wear these on the pole, they are supremely fitted with high quality patent leather to help you grip!

These are more fitted than regular Uggs and the outside is covered in patent leather to provide grip on the pole. Here are some images of the amazing Maddie Sparkle working the pole in her Pole Uggs:

Pole Ugg Maddie Sparkle backbend Pole Ugg Maddie Sparkle

Pole Ugg Maddie Sparkle splits

She has also recently uploaded a video of her poling in them. Check it out!

These will also make me as amazing as Maddie won’t they? Yep, I think I need them. Although it’s summer in Australia now so I’ll wait. Rest easy credit card, rest easy.

They’re available now, to shop them, click here.

Have you tried Pole Uggs? Would you? I’d love to know your thoughts! Let me know in the comments 🙂

Thanks for reading,

J xx

All images from Pole Ugg’s Facebook page.